The Fulke Greville Festival was established in 2017 in association with the Alcester and District Local History Society (ADLHS).

The organisation is for not-for-profit and all proceeds from ticket sales will be reinvested into the festival and an Alcester Charity.


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Who was Sir Fulke Greville?

Sir Fulke Greville (1554-1628), born in Beauchamps Court, Alcester, lived through one of the most exciting periods of British history. He served at the courts of Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I, and held several important positions including Treasurer to the Navy, Chancellor to the Exchequer and member to the Privy Council. Alongside his political career he was also a significant poet and writer of sonnets.

In 1604 he was granted ownership of Warwick Castle, and transformed it from a derelict fortification into a lavish stately home. Furthermore, 2018 is the 400th Anniversary of his funding of Alcester Town Hall.


Alcester Town Hall

It was 400 years ago in 1618 that Sir Fulke Greville gave £300 of his own money to have a Market Hall erected in Alcester.

Its pillars were constructed using stone from Chipping Campden, the rest being built from Arden sandstone quarried at Great Alne.

It was enclosed during the nineteenth century and was dedicated as the Alcester War Memorial Town Hall in 1919.

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